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Counselling Services.

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Medicine Hat Counselling Services.

Navigating life’s challenges can be difficult, and may sometimes feel overwhelming. Many people go through their lives responding to difficulties, using the same coping methods they learned while trying to survive childhood pain, without ever questioning why they are still repeating these old patterns. Sometimes we find ourselves responding to situations in ways that we do not intend, or do not understand. Ineffective coping methods can lead to problems in many of areas in our lives, such as marital or family problems, illness or injury, or death of a loved one leading to anxiety, depression and loneliness. 

The purpose of counselling is to help us learn about ourselves and to develop more effective ways of responding to life’s challenges – ways that work for us – rather than allowing our problems to dominate our lives. Although remnants of old stigmas still linger, there is no shame in seeking help with one’s problems and inner conflict. 

One on One Counselling.

Regardless of the orientation or skill of any counsellor or therapist, the most important consideration is the relationship between the client and counsellor. If this therapeutic alliance is not a “good fit”, little growth or healing is likely to take place. My policy, should this be the case for either my clients or myself, is to refer the client to another competent professional in the area. 

Counselling consists of a collaborative dialogue between you and I during regular sessions, usually once a week. My position is that many of our problems are brought about by beliefs and feelings that we may not even be conscious of until we begin to talk about them. I provide an empathetic, non judgmental and safe ear, to help you explore and challenge beliefs and feelings which you have outgrown or nor longer work for you. Through increasing your self awareness, we work together to find solutions to your problems and empower you to manage your life in the way you would like to.

Chris onslow working with someone in counselling in medicine hat
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Addictions Counselling.

I believe that we all have, at our deepest level, the desire and capability to fulfil our own true potential. The paradox is that in order to achieve happiness, we must learn to accept our painful emotions as part of being alive. By giving ourselves permission to be human – to experience the complete range of human emotion – we open ourselves up to positive emotions as well as those which have been more difficult in the past. As our emotions are brought into our conscious awareness, we become more fully alive, and a process of personal transformation and growth becomes possible. 

Counselling is available for a full range of issues, including anxiety and depression, anger issues, stress, abuse survivors, relationship counselling and reconciliation, affairs, co-parenting after divorce, crippling shame and guilt issues, trust and intimacy, self-defeating/self destructive behavior, substance addictions, process addictions such as gambling, sex or pornography, sexual difficulties, and many other problems. 

Nonduality Informed.

Nonduality is difficult to define, as there is no single definition
for the English word. Generally considered a philosophy, those
who have become able to silence the mind and reach a state
beyond thoughts and words are able to understand it at a
deeper level. Until one has reached that point, multiple
definitions/pointers are all that are available. Some of the more
common are, the non difference of subject and object; a
primordial, natural awareness; the essence of being, without
dichotomies or difference; an ever-present field of awareness,
empty of mental content, resting in the background of all
conscious experience, which is obscured by thought, emotions
and perception. The mind, with all of its quirks, thoughts and
beliefs generates a dark veil which prevents the individual from
being able to readily see beyond the ego.

*Please note, although I provide nondual direction for people
pursuing self-realization, for those who simply wanting relief of
day to day life-issues, traditional counselling is offered.

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Video Conference Counselling.

With the world changing, counselling approaches needed to change as well. I offer full, comprehensive counselling services through Zoom meetings. This offers clients the flexibility to receive counselling services, for whatever their issue day or evening.

If there is a need for in person counselling services, arrangements can be made to travel to a location that is suitable for both of us so that we can most effectively address the needs you have.


Frequently asked questions about counselling

Can counselling help anxiety?

Before that question can be answered, you need to first realize there are dozens of different psychological theories, upon which counselling styles or approaches can be based. Of these approaches some work with anxiety, some do not. An eclectic approach (combining two or more theories), may also be employed. My feelings are that if the client’s anxiety has quickly been either entirely resolved, or if the client has mastered the ability themselves to quickly resolve intermittently occurring anxiety without difficulty or overwhelming emotion, the approach can be said to be effective. 

Which counselling approach is best?

While I do have a specific orientation, I think the best counselling approach is one which works – quickly, safely, and effectively, where the client doesn’t have to keep going back to the counsellor for the same issue. It should be affordable for the client, so that good mental health is not available only to the wealthy; it should be a pleasant experience, in which the client is involved in the process and understands what is happening; and lastly, it should leave the client with a deep and profound new insight into themselves and their interactions with others.

Are counselling and psychotherapy the same?

They are similar in appearance, but different in terms of the depth into the client at which they are focused. Counselling is more about addressing problematic situations and behaviours, and helping the client to find their own best-informed responses to these. Psychotherapy is deeper and more insight-based, looking into chronic emotional and physical difficulties, including the thought processes around them, and inquiring into the origins of these issues to achieve lasting healing, freedom, and voluntary change. 

What counselling is not.

Something that I don’t feel is appropriate in counselling, is giving advice. The intent should be to bring the client to a place where they are making their own best-informed decisions. I think giving the client advice is effectively managing them and does them a disservice by robbing them of the dignity of living their own lives.

How does counselling help?

Counselling should improve the quality of the client’s life, especially pertaining to their emotions and self-perception, and free them to make their own choices and decisions in life.

Your journey with Counselling begins today.


Eileen M.

The service Chris offers is literally life-changing. He is very approachable, compassionate, and has a quiet, gentle spirit. I felt immediately connected to him and knew that he knew where I was coming from with my overwhelming emotions. He taught me irreplaceable techniques to experience my feelings and let them drift away. I no longer suffer from debilitating depression. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety. 

Brandi M.

Chris is an extremely gifted counsellor and brings real life experience to his counselling. In a very short time he gets to the root of the issue and finds a way to heal it, whatever the issue may be, depression, anxiety, marriage counselling, healing relationships, overcoming undesirable behaviors, pretty much anything a person may struggle with. He has helped my family and I through a lot. I highly recommend him and have referred many friends and family to him. 

Matthew G.

I cannot thank Chris enough. He helped me with so much, including making sense of my divorce, my past, and my life moving forward. Not only do you address real world issues right then and there, he also very gifted at getting you to look forward to the future. After one session with Chris I had felt the most relaxed I had felt in recent memory and I couldn’t be more grateful. You cannot go wrong with Chris’ counselling, it helped me when I needed it the most. Thank you Chris. It means a lot.

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